You Are Enough | Jackson James Co-Founder Releases Book On Mental Well-Being

Jackson James Co-Founder, Tony Olanipekun has written his debut book (under the pen name Anthony James) titled "You Are Enough". The book focuses on mental well-being and the potential steps necessary in order to improve mental health and become the best version of yourself.

Released in October 2021 on the Amazon online book store, You Are Enough: Self Love Secrets To Living Your Best Life, is available in paperback, hardcover and kindle formats. As part of the Self-Help and Self-Improvement Series the book provides you with the necessary tools to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones and the daily habits/routines to implement which will help you get the best out of life.

Tony commented "Everything mentioned in the book has helped me transform my life and essentially set me on the path to starting a sustainable clothing business. Everything I do since understanding and implementing a positive mindset has the aim of improving everything around me. Sustainability for a healthier planet, longer lasting and higher quality clothing and now my book which will help people improve their mental health and live a better quality of life, whist also having a positive influence on everyone around them."

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