What Are The Highest Quality T-Shirts?

What is a premium t-shirt? What is a luxury t-shirt made from? These are common questions often asked by a savvy customer prior to making any luxury t-shirt purchase, especially if they value quality, fit and durability simply over just a brand name.

There are many luxury brands on the market providing customers with high quality clothing, however there are also brands which can successfully retail collections of low quality items (such as t-shirts) at premium prices purely due to their established brand name. Consumers have to weigh up perceived value or quality against actual quality when dealing with some established or luxury brands.

A plain t-shirt, potentially sits just above underwear in terms of importance for the most basic clothing purchases a man can make, however a lot can go awry when shopping for even a simple item like this. The right plain t-shirt can translate seamlessly from a casual outfit to forming part of smart attire but it is all dependent on the quality of the fabric, the fit of the t-shirt and even extends to how the t-shirt fairs after it has been washed. Does the material shrink? Does the fabric fray or discolour? Does the stitching start to unravel?

We believe a premium quality t-shirt should adhere to the following standards as a minimum:-

  1. It should be made from high quality fabric – this should be the bare minimum requirement for any premium t-shirt but as previously mentioned a premium brand doesn’t always equate to premium quality products, if you want genuine quality then you have to ensure the fabric used to make the garments are of a certain standard. We believe that one of the highest quality fabrics to incorporate when producing a high quality t-shirt should be organic cotton. The 100% organic cotton utilised to create the Jackson James t-shirt is combed which makes it significantly stronger, thicker and softer than regular cotton, the combing process removes any impurities as well as the short, less durable fibres leaving just the high quality cotton material.
  2. The craftsmanship should be of a high standard – it’s all well and good creating high quality patterns but unless the cuts and craftsmanship are of the same high quality standards then the entire process will be devalued. The quality of work delivered by the pattern cutters and seamstresses are crucial as the shape and finishes of the final product are the aesthetics a consumer is initially drawn to before they even feel the quality of the item.
  3. It should be fitted – the fit of a t-shirt is essential. It is worth noting that a significant number of our customers experienced the same challenge prior to purchasing a Jackson James t-shirt. The challenge was finding a t-shirt to fit almost any body shape perfectly. Which leads us on to the next point
  4. The style of the t-shirt design should follow these simple guidelines (unless it is oversized). The length of the t-shirt should reside just above the hip. The fabric should not gather when the individual is standing straight without the t-shirt tucked in. The seam which connects the body of the t-shirt to the arms should sit on the corner of the shoulders.
  5. It should be heavyweight – the ideal minimum weight for a medium sized t-shirt is approximately 170g/6oz for the best hang fit, with this weight composition (combined with high quality material) the t-shirt would not be see through, the weight also prevents the t-shirt from gathering whilst making it more durable.

So these are what we believe should be the minimum required standards for a t-shirt.

There is a distinct process which almost every consumer follows prior to making any purchasing decision for clothing. This mental and emotional journey adheres to this precise order flow:-

  1. Aesthetics – does the garment catch the eye and the attention of the consumer in terms of colour, design, brand and pattern?
  2. Feel – how does the garment feel? Is it soft and silky to the touch or is it made from a coarse fabric? Is it heavy or lightweight and is this product material fit for the purpose of the consumer (for example a lightweight t-shirt may be purchased to wear in a nightclub or when on holiday somewhere hot).
  3. Quality – following the feel of the product comes the scrutiny of the quality in terms of production. Are the finishes to the standard of the consumer?
  4. Fit – how does it look on the consumer? Does it hang well and does it make the consumer look good wearing it.
  5. Price – Is it value for money? Does the garment make the consumer feel better than the money they are parting with to own it? Does the garment build the desire within the consumer to purchase it?

So it is important to consider all these elements when asking the question “what are the highest quality t shirts?” and let these factors help you make a more informed decision. At the end of the day it does come down to personal choice when determining which brand is best for you but as long as the material, fit and most importantly the way you look and feel wearing the item are all considered then you won’t go far wrong with your selection.


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