The Jackson James Vision

We had a vision:- To make sustainable clothing fashionable

"But a vision without a plan is just a dream"

It was essential that our plan to achieve this vision was implemented without compromising our brand values. The process had to be sustainable from inception to completion and the quality of our product had to rival the leading luxury clothing brands on the market.

It was also imperative for the product aesthetics (in term of clothing cuts and design patterns) to be timeless. Due to the nature of our products (being durable, high quality and created to last) our customers would require styles which did not conform to short term trends and would be relevant and stylish in years to come.

"Always underpromise and overdeliver"

Brand Position

In a market flooded with clothing brands it was important to bring something new and innovative to the sector. There were a number of established sustainable clothing brands as well as a number of ethical clothing brands, brands that combined both sustainable and ethical values but almost none which combined these values with style and fashion. None of the established fashion brands were sustainable and ethical but some were moving towards providing their customers with a sustainable product range (without having sustainability or ethical practices as core values).

Jackson James is the only clothing brand which is ethical, sustainable and provides its customers with products which are high quality, stylish and timelessly fashionable.

Jackson James Hoodie and Jumpers Modelled

In terms of brand positioning Jackson James falls into the high quality, high cost quadrant - offering exclusive, premium products and an overall quality experience to customers.

"This was the vision, which became a plan, which became a mission, which became a reality".


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