The Importance Of Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is extremely important and this article will hopefully help explain the reasons why.

It is no secret that most big brands and household names in the clothing/fashion industry incorporate some form of modern slavery, child labour or employee exploitation at stages within their product development process; whether it is through direct involvement or via the use of an unethical supplier within their supply chain, multiple products are produced and sold with the absence of basic ethics.

What makes a product ethical? In the clothing/fashion industry it is a combination of the following:-

  • Working conditions
  • Living wage
  • Products and materials used during the manufacturing process
  • Staff health and safety
  • Working hours
  • Absence of child labour and exploitation
  • No discrimination and a legally binding employment contract

All employees should have the right to choose where they work and also have the opportunity to earn a living wage from this employment. Modern slavery is a real and present global issue and exists within many industries, most notably the clothing/fashion industry. Modern slavery coupled with child exploitation is a significant problem which is very apparent throughout the clothing/fashion supply chain, we are all aware of "sweat shops" providing less than adequate working conditions and seen images of young children operating sewing machines to produce some of the cheap clothing available on the market. It is shocking to hear that even in countries such as the UK with very strict human rights and employment laws there are companies able to conduct their business with poor staff work conditions and incorporating modern slavery.

Not only should all working environments adhere to basic human rights standards but the contractual hours of employment should not exceed 60 hours a week. Additional hours can be mutually agreed between employer and employee with adequate remuneration provided for the overtime.

The ethical production of clothing doesn't end with the working hours, working environments and paying employees a fair living wage, it is also important to protect employees from harm and potential dangers. This means providing a safe working environment and using materials which aren't harmful or hazardous, in the clothing industry this includes the pesticides used when farming and dyes used when colouring the clothes.The pesticides and dyes which our suppliers utiise are non toxic and/or natural, this means that they are harmless to both the employees and the environment. In addition to this, the fabrics used to produce the Jackson James clothing are all natural or created from non toxic recycled materials.

Due to all these elements, ethical clothing will be priced slightly higher than clothing produced by traditional or fast fashion brands, the benefit to you as a consumer is that you know all the materials and dyes used to create the garments are completely safe and non toxic, you can also rest assured that no exploitation (in terms of modern day slavery or child labour) occurred during the production of the clothing.

Providing a fair wage also allows for the employment of skilled labourers such as seamstresses, spinsters, pattern cutters, designers etc.. which all help to produce high quality and well crafted clothing. These skills coupled with the high quality materials and fabrics we use ensure that Jackson James clothing is amongst the most luxurious and premium quality clothing on the market.



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