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In summer 2021 Jackson James launched the first of their limited edition product range. As the UEFA Euro 2020 (postponed due to Covid) tournament kicked off across four European countries, Jackson James dropped the football inspired Pele Mona Lisa oversized t-shirt. The product drop had been teased across multiple social media platforms for a number of weeks prior to the actual product launch, the anticipation sent the online customer base into a frenzy.

To celebrate the launch of the first product drop from the Icons Collection, Richard Offiong (as an ex professional footballer and co-founder of Jackson James) dusted off his football boots to perform the rabona challenge (a challenge which entailed kicking a football into a bucket via use of the rabona technique). The video amassed over 11k views and a number of people taking to social media to complete the challenge, a feat that even the great Pele himself would have been proud of.

The Pele Mona Product Overview

Arguably one of the most famous footballers ever to play the beautiful game.
A winner of a record 3 World Cups and the scorer of over 1000 goals for club and country, Pele is regarded by many professional footballers and experts of the game as the Greatest Of All Time (The G.O.A.T).

Mona Lisa
A Leonardo DaVinci masterpiece. Allegedly the oil portrait depicts Lisa Gherardini, second wife of a wealthy silk and wool merchant Francesco del Giocondo (hence
the name by which it is known in Italian: La Gioconda).

Pele Mona Lisa
The fusion of two legends to create this unique clothing masterpiece.
One of the world's most iconic footballers married with the most famous painting in history.

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