High Quality, Low Volume

One of the definitive features of the Jackson James brand is its exclusivity. The products are priced to reflect the high quality, sustainable fabrics coupled with the ethical process incorporated to develop each item.

Jackson James Products Unboxed

Most Jackson James product lines (even outside of our limited edition ranges) are low volume which means they are exclusive by definition, unlike fast fashion brands which incorporate a "stack them high, sell them cheap" business model.

The rise of fast fashion has lead to an influx of low quality clothing, products which look similar and are made from cheap synthetic materials.

So what sets products by Jackson James apart from most other modern clothing brands.

Jackson James

  • High quality 100% organic materials (e.g. traditionally farmed cotton)
  • Manufactured in small scale factories and boutiques
  • Traditional machinery
  • Low volume hand stitched production
  • Natural non toxic materials, pesticides and dyes

Other Modern Clothing Brands

  • Extensive use of low quality synthetic materials
  • Manufactured in bulk using advanced industrial machinery
  • Rapid, mass production of items
  • Incorporation of toxic materials, dyes and man made products

The ethical production process incorporated by Jackson James results in high quality, luxury products; exclusive due to scarcity (low volume) and final price tag.

The Jackson James manufacturing process utilises:-

  • Expensive natural fabrics which are less likely to unravel or fray over time (more durable)
  • Thicker material production - all Jackson James clothing products are made with a heavy duty feel (for example our tshirts weigh 6.1oz/174g) which provides the customer with a more tailored fit as the item hangs.
  • Combed organic cotton - this delivers a much softer and stronger cotton than regular cotton as it lacks impurities and short fibres
  • Hand stitching for a more quality product finish - unlike rapid machine stitching which often can skip or loosely stitch patterns
This process ensures not only high quality products but also product volume management.

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