DeVerdi To Stock Jackson James

DeVerdi is a London-based luxury, sustainable fashion stockist and the brainchild of founder and Creative Director, Laia Rodon. Prior to launching DeVerdi, Laia started her journey in PR and Marketing working with a number of luxury ethical brands.

The word "DeVerdi" is a term which (when translated) means "from green" and a name which mirrors the 100% sustainable brand portfolio of the company.

DeVerdi is a growing online marketplace for high quality, sustainable and ethical fashion. It is a privilege to partner with a company with the same core values, a company which offers its clients luxury products without neglecting ethical practices, fashionable style and sustainability.

Jackson James Featured on DeVerdi

DeVerdi is on a shared mission with Jackson James - we both aim to not only provide luxury sustainable and ethical fashion but to also educate potential customers on what it means to be socially conscious and ethical. Everyday an increasing number of consumers become aware of modern slavery and the products which are not produced via ethical or sustainable means; hopefully this will force the fashion industry to change the way in which it manufactures products ensuring that everyone within the supply chain receives a fair wage and products are produced with the least harm caused to the planet.

A selection of Jackson James clothing can be viewed and purchased on DeVerdi, click here for sustainable and ethical fashion


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