Creating The Brand

It started as an idea before it became a plan.

Like all brands the Jackson James journey started with an idea:- to deliver  sustainable clothing which was high quality, ethically made and fashionable. If this concept seemed challenging then selecting the business name and agreeing the aesthetics of the brand was a far simpler one.

Calling this brand creation exercise simple may suggest that it wasn't extensive, but to provide context to my earlier statement this procedure took more than 6 months from inception to completion. We pondered and deliberated over a few names for the business before settling on Jackson James (the middle names of the children of the co-founder).

Jackson James: The Brand Process

In Q4 2019, we partnered with the award winning, full service agency Land Digital who guided us through a meticulous branding process. In order to create a brand which encapsulated our core values it was important to undergo a number of extensive workshops to help the design team understand who we are and what we aimed to achieve. The workshops also provided us with a deeper understanding of our market position and our target audience through market segmentation and personas. 

Some of the outputs from the branding exercise:-

Jackson James Brand Guidelines

Jackson James Typeface Brand Variants

The typeface was created in the first submission by the talented team at Land Digital, however the signature logo took a bit of work.

An early signature concept:-

Early Signature Concept

We played around with a number of signature fonts but they all looked manufactured and not inline with our brand so we eventually decided to design a completely authentic handwritten signature and the rest is history.

Jackson James Signature Logo

Now we had the brand but how would we apply this to our clothing? We wanted the brand to be understated, exclusive and luxury, not overpowering and loud - the initial concepts were very close to the final offering.

Brand application concepts:-

  Brand Application T-Shirts

Brand Application Hoodies

Brand Application Signature

It was a plan before it became our mission.

Our plan was to create a brand, a platform to provide sustainable and ethical clothing that's both high quality and high fashion - the brand identity had to convey this message simply and effectively.

Now our mission is to make sustainable clothing the new aspirational apparel, clothing that looks and feels great whilst helping to reduce the negative impact of the clothing industry on the planet.

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