Behind The Brand

Sustainable, Ethical, Style

These are the three core values of the Jackson James brand, values very few clothing companies can claim are fundamental to their business. The Jackson James proposition has been built on these core beliefs which are integral to our mission statement and the foundation of our brand ethos.

At Jackson James we pride ourselves on supplying high quality clothing using 100% organic materials. Our products look stylish with a tailored fit and soft fabric feel, developed using sustainable products and processes under ethical conditions.

What makes our business unique is the combination of these core values to formulate our proposition. Some clothing businesses deliver very fashionable products but are neither ethical or sustainable, some may have a sustainable range but fundamentally they are not a sustainable or ethical business. On the flip side there are sustainable and ethical clothing brands with great core values however most of their products lack style and fashion sense.

Sustainable Ethical Style

So why have we chosen this path? It's no secret that climate change is a real threat to our planet and the clothing/fashion industry is one of the main offenders, contributing between 10% and 15% of the total carbon emissions worldwide.

In addition to the carbon emissions, the cheap synthetic fibres used by fast fashion brands contribute to extremely harmful nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, which are 300 times more harmful to the environment than CO2. The nature of fast fashion clothing means consumers will wear the items once or twice before discarding them, which contributes significantly to landfill as well as the aforementioned toxic gas emissions.

Synthetic materials used in fast fashion clothing eventually breaks down into microplastics which can infiltrate our natural water sources, rivers and oceans. Microplastics are another growing concern for the planet as they are hard to eliminate from our water sources. Marine life is already suffering from the negative impact of microplastics (microplastics are consumed by marine life leading to new health issues) and they are now even present in trace quantities in household tap water (meaning human beings will ingest microplastics as a result). It has been reported that 500,000 tons of microplastics enter our water sources each year and as more consumers purchase more fast fashion products this number will only increase.

Marine Life

Microplastics are not the only form of global pollution of our water sources by the clothing industry. The traditional process of dyeing clothes coupled with the microplastics issue means the clothing industry attributes 20% of the global water pollutants (unlike sustainable processes which use non toxic dyes, filters and reuses the water so that there is zero waste). The cheap toxic dyes used on clothing can lead to skin irritation and in more extreme cases tumors and other skin abrasions.

So being sustainable means:-

  • We only use 100% organic fabrics
  • We do not use toxic pesticide during the farming process (which are harmful not only to the environment but also the farmers themselves)
  • We only use renewable energy (wind and solar power in manufacturing)
  • Nothing is wasted (water is recycled so it doesn't contribute to water pollution and all aspects of farmed materials are utilised) 
  • We do not use toxic dyes when colouring our clothing   
  • Our clothes are high quality and extremely durable unlike fast fashion clothing which is not built to last

Being ethical means:-

  • A fair wage for all employees throughout our supply chain
  • Employment is freely chosen (no modern slavery)
  • No exploitation of child labour
  • No excessive working hours
  • Safe and healthy work conditions (which adhere to human rights standards)
  • Legally binding employment relationships

Unethical brands can afford to sell clothing products for outrageously low prices (less than £5) and still make a profit due to the low cost of production and the cheap, potentially toxic materials used to make the item.

Being stylish means:-

  • Creating a brand which is aesthetically engaging and instantly recognisable
  • Producing high quality clothing comprising of soft organic fabrics which are durable and well manufactured
  • Producing clothing which has a tailor fit
  • Producing clothing which makes a fashion statement when worn

So why the name Jackson James? These are the middle names of the two sons of one of the co-founders of the business and the generation which a shift towards sustainable, ethical products by both clothing businesses and consumers will help save the planet for.


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