Are You Earth Conscious?

Earth Conscious is the term attributed to people who are aware of how their choices impact the planet.

You don't have to be labelled an extinction rebel, a new age traveler, a hippy or a tree hugger to be earth conscious, you merely have to be aware that the planet cannot sustain current consumer habits. Every individual can make a difference to save the planet with the choices they make today.

Current consumer products, materials and manufacturing habits are often harmful to the planet releasing toxic gases into our atmosphere and toxic waste into our environments, food chains and water sources.

Evidence of the negative effects on the planet are apparent everywhere. Climate change has lead to an increase in extreme weather conditions (hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamis), global warming from increased greenhouse gases has lead to rising sea levels and damage to the ozone layer, air quality continues to decline due to the increase in toxic gases released from manufacturing and the deforestation (which would help counteract increased CO2 by covert CO2 into oxygen). 

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How can consumers help do their part to save the planet.

Reduce what we buy and use what we buy. Too many consumers purchase more clothes than they wear (statistics report that 80% of the average wardrobe is unworn or worn once). A massive attributor to this consumer mentality is Black Friday. This is why we would never participate in Black Friday promotions as we are against mass consumption.

Sustainable production incorporates the reuse of materials and resources. In addition our durable clothing can be reused as secondhand clothing due to its durability and quality workmanship.

All the materials used to create our clothing are natural, organic and recyclable. If the clothing is not reused then it can be recycled to make new products.

The more we educate and enforce the adoption of sustainable products the better chance we have of reversing the negative impact on our planet.
A change in consumer and business mindsets must be achieved in order for climate change to be reversed. 

Responsibility doesn't just lie with the consumer, the fashion industry needs a complete overhaul - ethical working conditions, sustainable materials, ethical/sustainable manufacturing processes and product pricing thereafter.



To summarise; an earth conscious individual limits or nullifies the amount of fast fashion purchases they make. They invest in products which are sustainable and often ethical - built to last and with the least harm to the planet.

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